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Don’t You Have Better Things to do with Your Money? September 27, 2017

Cutting the cord and pulling away from the traditional sources of live sports broadcasts has grown to the point that the networks are really paying attention.  And they should, because their share of the audience is getting away from them faster than Usain Bolt in the Rio Olympics.  Americans are tired of the bait and switch that sucks them in to so called big “season ticket” packages, and cable operators are pissing off people by billing now, and explaining later why the charge for the service is showing up on their bill again, when they asked the company to stop charging them for a package they didn’t ask for in the first place.  Fans are getting hip to the fact that they can get their sports fix live on their computers, tablets and other smart devices.That sound you hear is the cord being cut as they set themselves free of the high price of cable.  ESPN has lost nearly three million subscribers in recent years, and that number is expected to grow as live sports streaming becomes main stream.  And with the average cost of a sports bundle now costing over $100 a month, folks have quickly figured out where to cut costs in their budget, and that’s one of them.

And who wouldn’t when the costs of maintaining a home and family have skyrocketed in other areas.  And now with damages rising into the billions from hurricanes which wiped out 70% of the citrus crops, destroyed plants, businesses and schools – you can expect consumers to feel it in their pockets.  Besides, most people have better things to do with their money, like shopping for clothes and shoes for work and play.  The smart money is spent on apparel that’s discounted by using Groupons to make purchases from retailers like Hudson Bay where you can save $90 off men’s shoes, and 45% off women’s fashions, and even more when you unlock savings using exclusive codes.

There are so many options for watching live sports online now, even the Big 4 sports leagues National Football League, Major League, Baseball National Basketball Association and National Hockey League all offer broadcast games directly to their fans.  At roughly $100 per season, fans who take advantage of this offering couldn’t be happier.…

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